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This particular feature is only available on iOS and Mac. If you're using Android, this feature may not be available, or may be different.

Importing PDF Scripts

Your can import PDF scripts into the app using the same method as importing any other document:

Import your file from Dropbox →
Import your file from an email attachment →

You can also use the “Open in…” sharing option in iOS to send a PDF document to the app.

The following kinds of files are unlikely to work with the app, or may have unexpected results:

  • Scanned documents from a photocopier or scanner
  • Documents with complicated styles and layouts, like magazine or newspaper pages
  • Documents containing mostly photographs, graphics or images

For the best result, you should use a PDF file that has been saved directly from Word, Google Docs, Pages or a similar word-processing application.

Why will some files not work?

A PDF file is different to a Word or text document, they can contain far more complex content and styling, they can even support interactive content like videos.

The app needs to extract text from your file in order to turn it into a useful script for you to edit and adjust.

Some PDF files do not contain any text, even when they look like they do. For example, if you scan a document with your office scanner or photocopier, the PDF file of that scan is just a photograph of your document saved as a PDF file. Similarly, some programs will convert text into graphical shapes to maintain a complex style or unusual font.

The app cannot import images, graphics or shapes, which can be common in PDF files.

Quick Tips

If you are able to highlight, copy and paste the text from your PDF file, it will likely work with the app.

If your PDF file contains lots of graphics, or you’re unable to highlight the text inside of it, it may not work with the app.

If your PDF file is a scanned document, photocopy or photograph, it will not work with the app.

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