How to import a script from Dropbox

You can import scripts from Dropbox into the app very quickly and easily.

  1. Go to the My Scripts screen of the app
  2. Tap the + button
  3. Select the Import Document option
  4. Navigate to the Dropbox location in the file browser
  5. Select your document

Can’t see Dropbox as a location in the file browser? Ensure that you have enabled Dropbox as a location in the file browser:

Learn more about how to add Dropbox as a location in the Files app on your device.

Alternatively, you can also import documents directly from the Dropbox app:

  1. Open the Dropbox app on your device
  2. Open the document you would like to import
  3. Tap the ... button
  4. Tap Export
  5. Tap Open in...
  6. Tap Copy to Teleprompter