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Privacy Policy

🔐 Our Privacy Policy in Simple Terms:

We collect data only when it’s necessary to make our products work properly. We do not use or sell your data to track you.

  • Your information is not a product that we sell
  • Your information is not used for advertising or tracking you
  • Your information is not something that we share
  • Your information is always secure
  • Your information is always in your control. Just contact us and we will help you out! 👍

We understand that a privacy policy can be complex by its very nature. So here’s our privacy policy in basic terms (the full version is available below, which is much more comprehensive):

What types of data are collected?
Some of our apps have the option to create a “CloudPrompter” account. If you decide to create an account (this is entirely optional), the following information about you is collected to make that work:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email Address
  • A unique account/user ID

This allows you to log in and reset your password for example. This information belongs to you, we never share this data anywhere other than where we need to to make our service work, and it’s stored and processed very securely.

If you decide not to create a CloudPrompter account, the following information about you is collected to make our apps work without an account:

  • An anonymous unique account/user ID

If you have a CloudPromtper account, you also have the option to synchronise your scripts automatically between your devices, we call this “Cloud Sync”. If you have Cloud Sync enabled (this is entirely optional), your scripts (and settings associated with each of them) are stored and processed by us for the purpose of synchronising your scripts automatically between your devices. Some other backend information is also processed to make sure the synchronisation happens properly. This information belongs to you, we never share this data, and it’s stored and processed very securely.

While it’s sometimes necessary to collect what’s called an “Advertising ID”, we DO NOT use, store, share or process this, or any of your data for advertising or tracking purposes in any way. This is not part of our business model now or in the future.

How is my data used?
Your information is only ever used for the following purposes:

  • For your account (if you have one), allowing you to log in and reset your password.
  • For Cloud Sync (if you have it enabled), to synchronise your scripts, settings and video thumbnails automatically between your devices.
  • For basic usage analytics, such as how many people are using our apps, in which country and for how long.
  • For crash analytics, to understand how and why our apps are crashing if there’s an issue.
  • To send a “welcome” email to you, and notify you about important updates or our other products.

Your information and data is not used for any other purposes.

What control do I have?
At any time, you have lots of control of your data and how it is processed and stored by us:

  • You may delete your CloudPrompter account entirely at any time within our apps that support CloudPrompter. This deletes your account information, and all Cloud Sync information.
  • You may unsubscribe from all emails from us with a single click from within any email you receive from us.
  • You may contact us at any time and request that your information is deleted.
  • You may contact us at any time and request details about what information we have stored about you.

Who is my data shared with?
To make our products work properly, we process your data using various different services. It’s important to understand that while we share your data with these services, we DO NOT give these services ownership of your data, and they CANNOT use your data for their own purposes or benefit. We only share your information for the purposes listed in the “How is my data used?” section above. We use the following services to process your data:

  • Google Firebase – For CloudPrompter, Cloud Sync and basic usage analytics.
  • MailChimp – For sending an email to you, or notifying you about important updates or our other products.
  • Zendesk – For dealing with any support requests you might send us.

Each of these services have their own individual privacy policies which involve how your data is stored, processed and used on our behalf. If you have any concerns, you can find links to each of their privacy policies in the full version of our privacy policy below.

Sometimes, we may be required to share data with legal authorities to help prevent fraud or crime. We are legally obliged to share this data when requested.

Our order process for Mac Control is conducted by our online reseller is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns.


Full Legal Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy