Import From Your Music Library

To start, tap the + button and tap Select from Music. You should then see options to browse your music library by artists, albums, songs etc.

You can go ahead and start browsing your music library for any tracks you want to import.

The great thing about importing tracks from your music library, is that you’re able to select multiple tracks and import them all together.

Once you’ve found a track you want to import, just tap it and you’ll see the check sign appear. This means that this track will be imported once you tap the Done button.

You can go ahead and select some other tracks if you need to, then once you’re ready, just tap Done.

Depending on the size of the tracks you’re importing, and how many tracks you’ve selected, you’ll need to wait for them to copy from your music library over to Soundboard Studio. It’s normally a very quick process but will be a little slower for larger files.

If you are seeing the Import error message when you select your tracks, please see our Import error help page → to solve the issue.

It’s also worth knowing that Soundboard Studio is not relying on your music library for its files, so you’re free to completely delete your entire music library from your device and Soundboard Studio will still work just fine.

Also be aware that sometimes this import will fail. You should make sure that your music library is actually stored on your device, and not streaming from iCloud or iTunes, as Soundboard Studio cannot import a track unless it’s downloaded to your device. This is very easy to do in the Music app.

Once you have your tracks imported, they’re actually ready to play just by tapping on them. You can go ahead and play some of your tracks to test them, and you’re now ready to start customising the settings for each track.