Track Import Error

If you are seeing the Import error message when importing files from your music library, there are a number of solutions available.

Note: Music downloaded to your device using an Apple Music subscription cannot be imported, since you do not own a copy of the music tracks.

This message will usually show if the file you have selected is not downloaded to your device, this is normal for music purchased from the iTunes Store. It is very normal for your iTunes purchases to not be downloaded to your device. Note: Even if you do not have an Apple Music membership, it is still normal for your purchases to be stored in the cloud and streamed to your device.

Quick tip: Try importing tracks while your device is in ‘Airplane Mode’. This will only allow you to chose from files that are downloaded to your device.

You can download songs—including songs that you bought from the iTunes Store or that were matched with iTunes Match—to your device to use when you’re not connected to the Internet:

  1. Tap the More Options icon next to the item.
  2. Tap the download icon to the right of the song’s artwork at the top of the More Options menu, or tap Download from the bottom of the menu.
  3. The song downloads to your device.

Visit the “Listen offline” sections of Apple’s support documentation → for more information.