Videos Aren’t Saving

If your videos are not automatically saving to the Photos app on your device, it may be one of the following scenarios, please read all of these carefully:

Check that you’re properly recording your video
You may be using the wrong buttons or sequence to begin and end recording. You should only use the START/STOP button to begin and end recording, the REC button should be enabled (red) at all times and shouldn’t be tapped.

Check your device privacy settings
It’s possible that you may have denied Video Teleprompter access to your Photos app. You can check this in the Settings app on your device under “Privacy” then “Photos”. Video Teleprompter should show with the setting “Read and Write” or “Add Photos Only” enabled.

Check your device storage space
Your device may not have enough storage space to save your videos. Remember that videos take up large amount of storage space very quickly. We recommend having at least 5GB of free storage space as a minimum. If you’re recording single video clips that are longer than 5 minutes, it will be better to have at least 10GB of free storage space on your device.