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This particular feature is only available on iOS and Mac. If you're using Android, this feature may not be available, or may be different.

Using Media Remotes

You can use some bluetooth media controller to control the Teleprompter.

Compatible Controllers:

Any media remote control that advertises compatibility with iOS should be compatible. Typically a media remote control has play/pause and fast forward (or next track) and rewind (or previous track) buttons. Here are some recommended controllers:

  • TNP Bluetooth Remote Control: Amazon →
  • TNP Bluetooth Multi-Media Wireless Remote Control: Amazon →

If your remote has an option to operate in “keyboard” mode, use the keyboard mode for best compatibility with the app.

To customise the Controls for your media remote:

  1. Tap the wireless icon at the top of the My Scripts page
  2. To go Media Remote
  3. Select any of the buttons in the list of Button Assignments
  4. Select the function you wish to assign to each of the buttons

More information regarding media controllers will be available very soon.

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