Using Cue Points

Cue points are locations in your script that you can quickly jump to, these are ideal for organising your script into sections that you can quickly navigate between, or for inserting points that you can quickly roll back to if you make a mistake.

To insert a cue point, simply type >>> anywhere in your script.

There’s no limit to how many cue points you can insert, or where you can insert them.

Important: If your cue points do not work immediately, you may need to close and reopen your script.

You can then use the next and previous buttons to quickly jump to the next or previous cue point in your script.

If you’re using a keyboard to control the teleprompter, you can use the following key commands:

  • ( or ⊞ Win) + : Previous Cue point
  • ( or ⊞ Win) + : Next Cue point