Record Video

To record video in Teleprompter Premium using your device’s front-facing camera, you can enable the camera in the settings of your script.

  1. Open your script
  2. Tap the settings icon
  3. enable the Enable Camera setting

You can then use the record button to begin and end recording.

We also recommend our alternative app which is specifically designed for recording video: Video Teleprompter.

Your videos will be saved to your Photos app on your device, like a regular recording from your Camera app.

Mac Users:

If you’re using Teleprompter Premium on your Mac, it’s easy to record a video at the same time using another program such as QuickTime. How to use QuickTime to record a video →

Videos Are Not Saving?

Make sure Teleprompter Premium has access to your device camera and Photos app. You can check if Teleprompter has access in Settings > Privacy > Camera and Settings > Privacy > Photos.