Import Tracks From Dropbox

To start, tap the + button and tap Import from Dropbox.

You’ll be taken to the Dropbox app on your device and your files will appears as they normally do when you’re browsing your Dropbox folder.

All you need to do now is locate your file, and just tap it to begin the import.

Since Dropbox generates an individual download links and provides it back to Soundboard Studio, it’s only possible to import one file at a time. So if you have many files to import, this process may take a little longer.

Since Soundboard Studio will download your files from Dropbox’s servers, the import may take a little longer if you’re using a slow internet connection.

Once you have your tracks imported, they’re actually ready to play just by tapping on them. You can go ahead and play some of your tracks to test them, and you’re now ready to start customising the settings for each track.