External Display Mode

Use Teleprompter Premium on an external monitor or TV connected to your device.

When External Display Mode is enabled, Teleprompter Premium will show your script in full screen on any connected external display or TV. You can control the Teleprompter from your device like normal, all controls and options won’t be visible on the connected display. You can also chose to mirror (reflect) the text on the external display, allowing you to monitor the text from your device, while displaying it mirrored in your Teleprompter rig. This is recommended if you’re using a professional camera Teleprompter with an LCD display.

To use External Display Mode, you must connect your device to a monitor or TV with an adapter or wirelessly with AirPlay:

To enable External Display Mode:

  1. You must have version 3.5.1 or later of Teleprompter Premium installed
  2. Open Teleprompter Premium, and go to My Scripts
  3. Tap the Settings button at the bottom
  4. Enable the External Display Mode option