Why I'm Trying out the Paymium App Revenue Model

Dan Counsell makes a living from publishing awesome products, and his team have been responsible for some of the best apps for Mac and iOS for the last 10 years.

I basically want to be Dan Counsell, so after reading his Paid, Paymium or Freemium article, I started work on a new little project.

I’ve had good and bad experiences with apps using the paid and freemium revenue models, so I’ve been keen to experiment with the paymium model. A paymium app is essentially a paid app on the store like Teleprompter Premium ($7.99 to download), with extra in-app purchases for extra functionality.

I had to carefully consider how I was going to adopt the paymium model… I certainly couldn’t start charging for a feature that was already part of Teleprompter Premium.

Since Teleprompter launched, I’ve had a few (not many, but a few) users asking if they could record video on their iPad at the same time as using Teleprompter. A couple of users were even actively complaining to me and leaving bad reviews because when the closed the Camera app on their iPad to open Teleprompter, the Camera app would stop recording.

When I had a user asking about recording video, I would kindly explain that my app is more for professional users, a professional wouldn’t be using the iPad front-facing camera to record video.

I decided that video recording was a great feature to test the paymium model with…

  • It’s a feature I know some users needed
  • A lot of my professional users will never need it, so won’t be disgruntled having to pay for it.

I went ahead and developed a simple in-app solution to recording videos, and created a new in-app purchase The Video Recording Plugin.

It’s going to be interesting to see how it performs with my users.