Teleprompter 2.1.4 Released

We’ve just updated Teleprompter Premium with some great new features and improvements for everyone. The update is available to all including Teleprompter Lite and Teleprompter Premium users with devices running iOS 8 or newer.

Teleprompter Premium: Get the update →
Teleprompter Lite: Get the update →

Here’s the new screenshots:

Import PDFs

It’s finally here! This is important to a lot of users and we’re really happy to finally release this feature. Just remember to make sure that your PDF is formatted correctly.

Align text left, center, right and justify

Just like in your favourite document editing apps, you can now chose to align text in your scripts left, center, right or justify. You can even have different parts of your script have different alignments.

Tap the ‘slow’ and ‘fast’ icons to step up/down the speed value

To help you select your scroll speed more precisely, you can now tap the icons at either end of the slider to increment the scroll speed up or down.

Bug Fixes

  • Apple Watch not recognizing or controlling scripts
  • Highlight and color options only showing white
  • Importing files from Dropbox which contained special characters in the filename
  • Importing saved .prompt files from Dropbox
  • Mirror text allowing both horizontal and vertical to be selected