Voice Recognition is Not Working

If the Smart Voice Recognition functions are not working:

  1. Check that the Voice Recognition switch is enabled in the Script settings
  2. Remember to tap the START button, the app will confirm that listening has begun
  3. If you are recording video: Only tap the record button after you have tapped the START button, and the app has confirmed that listening has begun. You may need to fully quit the app first then try again.
  4. Check that AutoPrompter has privacy access to your device Microphone in the main Settings app under Privacy then Microphone
  5. Your script needs to be long enough to need to scroll on the screen, this means it should be several paragraphs in length, and extend below the bottom of the screen.
  6. Try using a smaller font size, so that more words are visible on the display.
  7. Try disabling the Enable Camera option if it’s currently enabled.
  8. Try fully quitting the app and trying again

Important note: The Smart Voice Engine will only listen for you to read passages which are currently visible on the display. If you’re using a smaller font size, it’s possible for the Smart Voice Engine to recognise more phrases, since more text is visible on the display. Equally, a larger font size will mean that the Smart Voice Engine has less text to recognise.

Find a good font size which allows the Smart Voice Engine to reliably recognise phrases that you’re reading, without allowing for too many false positives if you have many similar phrases visible on the display.

In general, you will need to be using AutoPrompter in a fairly quiet environment, where your device’s microphone is able to hear you speaking clearly.

Some examples where Voice Recognition will not work:

❌ If you’re in a loud or noisy environment
❌ If the microphone on your device cannot hear your voice clearly
❌ If you’re singing performing anything other than spoken words
❌ If you’re speaking a language other than English