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This particular feature is only available on iOS. If you're using Android or Mac, this feature may not be available, or may be different.

Track Settings

Tap and hold on any track to show the Track settings menu for that track. The following options are available for all tracks:

Tap the name of the track to edit or change the track title.

Select one of the six available colours to apply to this track

Use this slider to adjust the volume of this track. If the track is currently playing, the volume will adjust after you finish adjusting the slider.


Use this menu to trim the start and end of your audio file for this track. This adjustment is non-destructive, so you track can be re-adjusted to any other length later, including back to its full original length.


Fade In
Enabling this setting will fade in this track when it begins playing. If your track has a trimmed start point, the fade in will begin at this point.


Fade Out
Enabling this setting will fade out this track when it is stopped or when it reaches it end. If your track has a trimmed end point, the fade out will begin at this point.


Use these sliders to adjust the duration of the fade in or fade out times.


Use this menu to create and manage automations for this track. See Track Automations → for guidance.


Delete Track
Tap to delete this track. Deleting a track cannot be undone.

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