How to Use Voice Recognition

With AutoPrompter the Smart Voice Engine can listen to you reading your script and intelligently scroll in real time. It ignores mistakes, pauses when you pause, and waits if you ad-lib or go off script.

The Smart Voice Engine doesn’t require training or an active internet connection. However, there are certain conditions that are required for the Smart Voice Engine to work most efficiently.

In general, you will need to be using AutoPrompter in a fairly quiet environment, where your device’s microphone is able to hear you speaking clearly.

Some examples where Voice Recognition will not work:

❌ If you’re in a loud or noisy environment
❌ If the microphone on your device cannot hear your voice clearly
❌ If you’re singing performing anything other than spoken words
❌ If you’re speaking a language other than English

To use voice recognition, follow these steps:

  1. Open the script you would like to use
  2. Tap the settings icon at the bottom
  3. Enable the Voice Recognition option
  4. Tap Done to close the Viewer Settings
  5. Tap Start to begin listening
  6. Begin reading your script aloud
  7. Adjust the speed setting if necessary

Important note: The Smart Voice Engine will only listen for you to read passages which are currently visible on the display. If you’re using a smaller font size, it’s possible for the Smart Voice Engine to recognise more phrases, since more text is visible on the display. Equally, a larger font size will mean that the Smart Voice Engine has less text to recognise.

Find a good font size which allows the Smart Voice Engine to reliably recognise phrases that you’re reading, without allowing for too many false positives if you have many similar phrases visible on the display.