Control from a Mac

Note before you start:
This type of Bluetooth connection can be less reliable than a normal WiFi or LAN connection. We recommend using the web browser on your Mac to control Teleprompter Premium over WiFi. See WiFi Control with a Web Browser → to get started with using WiFi control.

If you’re unable to use your web browser to control the Teleprompter, you can use a Mac to control your Teleprompter over Bluetooth:

  1. Purchase and install Mac Control onto your Mac
  2. Launch Mac Control
  3. Open your Teleprompter app on your iOS device(s) nearby
  4. Confirm that Mac Control has detected your nearby devices. Look for x Devices Nearby at the top of the window.
  5. Open your script on your iOS device(s)
  6. Use the buttons or keyboard commands in Mac Control to control your device(s)