Cannot Find Nearby Devices

If Mac Control cannot see your nearby device(s), please check the following carefully:

Check that you’re using the correct iOS app

Mac Control works with Teleprompter Lite and Teleprompter Premium only. Video Teleprompter is not currently supported. If you’re unsure of exactly which app you’re using, see: Which App am I using? →

Do not pair your device with your Mac

If you have already paired your device with your Mac via Bluetooth, this may cause issues because there’s already an existing connection. Please un pair your device and try again. You may need to fully quit Mac Control and the Teleprompter app on your device and try again.

Check that you have Bluetooth Control enabled

In the Teleprompter app, navigate to the My Scripts page, then scroll to the bottom and tap the Settings button. Check that the Allow Bluetooth Control option is enabled.

Check that Bluetooth is enabled

Check that both your iOS device and Mac have their Bluetooth option enabled.

Fully quit the iOS app

Try fully quitting the Teleprompter app on your iOS device and trying again, remember that to fully quit an iOS app, you must remove it from the app switcher so that it doesn’t remain paused in the background. If you’re unsure how to do this, see the Apple Support document: How to force an app to close →

Contact us for quick help

If Mac Control is still not working, we are happy to help and get everything working for you quickly. Open a Support Ticket →