Device-to-Device Bluetooth Control

Important: These steps refer to Teleprompter Premium version 3.0. If you have an older version, see the instructions below

To begin using another device as a controller, you will need to have Teleprompter Premium installed on controlling device, and have Teleprompter Lite (FREE) or Teleprompter Premium installed on the device you want to control.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Open Teleprompter Premium on the device you’d like to use as the controller
  2. Tap the Control icon at the top right of the My Scripts screen
  3. Open Teleprompter Premium or Teleprompter Lite on the device you’d like to control
  4. This device should now appear in the list of nearby devices on the controller device
  5. You can now use the control buttons to control the nearby device as long as it has a script open

If both devices are logged in to the same CloudPrompter account, and you have Cloud Sync enabled, you will also be able to use the Live Preview feature to see a live monitor of the device being controlled.

If you’re unable to control a nearby device, or a device does not appear in the list of nearby devices, try the following solutions:

  1. Fully quit the Teleprompter Premium (or lite) apps on both devices and try again
  2. Check that Allow Bluetooth Control is enabled in the Settings screen in Teleprompter
  3. Check that both devices have Bluetooth enabled.

If you are using Teleprompter premium version 2.1.5 or older:

To get started with the Bluetooth control feature in Teleprompter Premium, firstly you will need to install Teleprompter Premium on both devices. You will also need to import the script you would like to use onto both devices.

Note 1: It’s free to install any purchased apps onto all of your devices if they all belong to you and are registered to the same Apple ID.

Note 2: You can use AirDrop to quickly send a script from one device to another. Just tap and hold on your script and select Export script.

To get started using Bluetooth control:

  1. Once you have your script on both devices, go ahead and open the script on each device. Both devices should be ready to start prompting.
  2. On one device, tap the icon in the lower control bar, and select connect to iOS device. Teleprompter will start searching for other nearby devices. (Only do this on one device)
  3. To connect to the device, just tap it in the list. The other device will then prompt to “Accept” the connection.
  4. To help the process, ensure that Bluetooth and WiFi are enabled on both devices.