How to Have a Successful App Launch: Start Building an Email List Now

When I’m asked about app marketing and launching apps successfully, I always have one tip: Start building an email list now.

In the current state of the App Store, developers are looking for the ‘secret’ on how to launch an app successfully. Most developers are trying to get featured by Apple, or trying to chase app review websites to give them coverage of their app(s).

There’s an easy long-term solution that’s almost guaranteed to make your app launches successful, and it’s building an email list.

If you have an app already on the store, make it your priority to build a mailing list signup function in your next update (you’re updating regularly, right?).

Be completely honest with your users, let them know that they can subscribe to your mailing list, and that they’ll be notified when you have another great app or product available to download or buy.

Hardly anybody will subscribe, but that’s okay.

Not many of your users will subscribe, but you don’t need to worry. The 1% of users who did subscribe, are the 1% who are interested in what you’re doing, and want to know when you have something new for them.

Think of it like you have a choice: You can have a list of 3,000 subscribers who used your app once, or a list of 50 subscribers who loved your app, and want to know when you have something new available to buy or download.

That list of 3,000 subscribers aren’t interested in what you have to say, they likely won’t even read your email, and if they do they’ll unsubscribe or mark it as spam.

Slow growth of loyal customers is much more valuable.

Start building an email list today.

I’m going to be launching a new app to my existing customers, and sharing the entire process with you.

I’m almost ready to introduce my Teleprompter Premium customer to a new app I’ve been building for them.

I’m planning a launch sequence that will take as long as two months, and I’ll be showing you the ‘how and why’ behind each of my steps.

As usual if you have any questions, ask me in the comments!