Setting Revenue Goals for My next App Launch

Now that I’ve announced Video Teleprompter to my audience, I’ve been taking some time to carefully consider what I expect from this launch.

Firstly, I’m already really happy with how the launch sequence is going. I’ve only sent one email to my audience and I already have a handful of people telling me they’re ready to buy, and that they can’t wait to use it. This is particularly good when they haven’t even seen a screenshot yet. (Take a look at the comments on my announcement blog post)

Here are some numbers I’ve been looking at to try to benchmark my expectations…

The most revenue I have ever generated in a single day was $1,490 during the 24-hour sale for Teleprompter Premium.
The most revenue I have ever generated in across two days was $1,578 during the 48-hour sale for Teleprompter Premium.

During the 48-hour sale for example, I sold 1,096 units of Teleprompter Premium which would normally generate $7,672 at the regular $9.99 price.

I will be launching Video Teleprompter with a special 48-hour introductory price of $5.99… If I were to sell 1,096 units during the launch, that would be $4,603 of revenue.

So, I’ve decided to set myself three goals:

  1. If I generate revenue lower than $1,000 for the launch, I will consider the launch to have performed poorly. This is about 240 units to sell.
  2. If I generate more than $3,000 revenue, I will consider the launch to be successful. This is about 720 units to sell.
  3. If just 4% of my audience buy, that will be 2,149 units… So I also know that I could potentially generate over $9,000 revenue.

Minimum: $1,000
Successful: $3,000
Potential: $9,000

I’m going to do everything I can to engage my audience and try to get that magic 4% of them ready to buy.