App Store Launch Guide: Growing an Audience of The Right People

Your subscribers should be the right people. Everybody who subscribes to you should be the right kind of person who would buy and use your app.

How do you find the right people? The answer is: Build your app, and launch it for free. Do not charge money for this app, do not use ads. This will eventually become the free basic version of your paid app. Sometimes we call this a ‘lite’ version, you’ve probably seen them on the App Store.

You should offer users an incentive for signing up to your email list. You can offer some extra feature, or offer to automatically send them something valuable that relates to your app. Make it worth their time, and make it relate to your product.

If it’s a cooking app, offer to send a PDF of cooking tips or recipes. If it’s a photography or image editing app, offer to unlock extra filters or editing tools when they sign up for your list.

Here’s why that’s going to work for you…

You know that everyone in your audience has a compatible device.
There’s no use having a huge audience of 10,000 subscribers, if only a handful of them happen to own the right device for your app. And are all of those people even capable of installing an app? Do they even know where the App Store is on their device?

You know that everyone in your audience cares about what you’re going to offer.
You know this because they’ve already installed your app and you’ve offered a relevant incentive.

You can start to engage with everyone who joins. Email signups are, by a huge margin, the most engaging platform to have your audience join. Forget Facebook likes or Twitter followers.

When you have an audience of the right people, you’re in a position to connect with them, and make them care about the products you have to offer… Your apps!

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