App Store Launch Guide: Being Specific

You need to be specific. The more specific you are, the more you’ll matter to the people you’re trying to help.

If your app solves two problems, it’s not specific enough. You should feel like you’re being too specific. Matter more to fewer people.

Let’s say you make a camera app. It’s called “Super Camera”, it lets you take photos, do timelapse videos, you can do slow motion videos, you can set a timer, it has filters. It’s too much.

You might have this one guy, he wants to record some really nice slow-motion footage using his iPhone. Guess what? He stopped reading after “you can do timelapse videos”, he doesn’t want filters, and he’s not going to pay $9.99 if he only wants to use one out of the 30 features that you’ve built in. He’s not even convinced it can do slow motion video in just the way he needs to. The same goes for that girl who told you she wanted a great app for recording timelapse video. You’re watering down the value.

Be Specific.

Make your app just for those people who want to record slow motion video. Yes, you’re leaving a lot of people out, but you’ll matter more to those people who’s problem you’re solving.

Now all of a sudden, $9.99 for a professional app, specifically designed for slow-motion video, that lets you set all of the custom controls and timings, you can set the frame rate, set the aspect ratio, lock the exposure. It seems like a no-brainer.

He’d pay $29.99. After all, this is the best solution for what I want to do.

Be the best solution for one thing. Being a solution for 10 different things isn’t good enough.

Now, you’re in a great position. You have something that some of your audience already cares about.

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