How I’m “Robbing the Bank” for My Customers.

Yesterday, I received an email from a customer thanking me because my app is only $29.99.

I’m a live sound engineer and video editor and this app peaked my interest. I hate CDs and linear editors are deadly on live shows. I use hardware options but they are pricy. This will put units like “instant replay” out of business. A $25 app does what a $1800 unit does and does it better because I can control the quality of the recording used for playback. With this unit you have to record directly into the unit live. No loading from a PC. You must have spoken to some pro engineers because this app is like robbing a bank for me. Thanks for doing this.

This is an example of my perfect target customer. Here’s why:

  • He’s a professional live sound engineer, that means he makes money and earns his living as a live sound engineer.
  • He invests $1800+ on professional equipment.
  • He’s experienced and know what matters to his work.

My app is a no-brainer solution

When you’re a professional and you’re already investing thousands of dollars in hardware, a $29.99 app is a no-brainer investment. Soundboard Studio is 98% cheaper than hardware offering the same features.