How I Increased My App Store Revenue by 10% Without Any Change for the Customer

Just like every other app developer, I’m always looking for ways to increase my revenue. Over the last few weeks I’ve been putting a new system in place which has increased my revenue by 10% without the customer having to do anything.

Normally, if I’m asked for tips on how to increase revenue from an app, I always recommend increasing the app’s price. I believe it’s still the best way to increase your revenue, from my experience you will lose some sales but never enough so that the price increase was a ‘bad move’.

If you’re not looking to increase you app price, you can join the iTunes affiliate program.

Content creators (app developers, music publishers, book authors etc.) are encouraged to create affiliate accounts and use affiliate links everywhere that they promote their products, you will earn an extra commission from every sale.

For me, my primary source of revenue is an upgrade link inside Teleprompter Lite… It’s just a link to the App Store which opens on the user’s device where they can purchase Teleprompter Premium.

So… I joined the iTunes affiliate program and updated all of my links to affiliate links. Since the affiliate commission is 7% of the retail price, and as a developer I also earn 70% royalties, I now earn 77% on all sales that I refer through my own channels (which is about 90% of my sales), and 70% on all other sales (search results, links from other websites, word of mouth etc.).

The user doesn’t have to pay more, or even do anything… Even if they end up purchasing an alternative app, I sill earn 7% commission on that sale! Win-win.