What Does It Cost to Run a $2k/week App Business?

If you’re thinking about starting an app business, you should be considering the costs of running such a business.

Here’s a complete outline of my business costs, it’s a great snapshot of what it takes to make Teleprompter Premium and Video Teleprompter run smoothly.

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Setting Revenue Goals for My next App Launch

Now that I’ve announced Video Teleprompter to my audience, I’ve been taking some time to carefully consider what I expect from this launch.

Firstly, I’m already really happy with how the launch sequence is going. I’ve only sent one email to my audience and I already have a handful of people telling me they’re ready to buy, and that they can’t wait to use it. This is particularly good when they haven’t even seen a screenshot yet. (Take a look at the comments on my announcement blog post)

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How to Turn Unhappy Users into Delighted Long-term Customers

For the past week, I’ve been dealing with a myriad of very unhappy users because of a critical bug in Teleprompter Lite.

The bug was stopping users from accessing their work after a certain amount of activity (the point at which I ask “What do you think?” and prompt to rate on the App Store).

I’m unable to rely on Apple approving my update quickly (despite two requests for an expedited app review), so what do I do with so many unhappy users?

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Building a Better Upgrade Experience

Most of my Teleprompter Premium customers are ‘upgradees’ from the free version of the app Teleprompter Lite. Over the last two evenings I’ve made it my mission to re-build that upgrade experience.

Since the purchase is a completely separate app, the experience is a little broken for my customers… Users may have been using Teleprompter Lite for a number of days or even weeks, then when they upgrade to Teleprompter Premium, they have to start all over again with an empty app.

Also, both apps have a user registration process when you open them for the first time, which would mean an ‘upgradee’ would have to register their name and email address for a second time after they install Teleprompter Premium. I have this registration process in place so that my marketing lists can identify which users have upgraded from Lite to Premium.

Potentially, their experience may reflect something like this…

  1. Install Teleprompter Lite
  2. Register name and email address
  3. Compose some scripts
  4. Customise some options in those scripts
  5. Decide to upgrade – Sale made!
  6. Install Teleprompter Premium
  7. Register name and email address AGAIN
  8. Compose/import some scripts AGAIN
  9. Customise some options in those scripts AGAIN
  10. … Continue with life.

I really wanted a way to improve this experience… Up until now I’ve been suggesting that users use the import options in Teleprompter Premium to transfer their scripts, which is hardly ideal.

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