Thinking Bigger

In February this year I published a blog post about my 2015 revenue and gave myself a big goal for 2016 to double my revenue.

I had no real solid plans other than a new app I had launching shortly after writing that blog post, so it seemed almost as though it was more of a dream and less of a goal.

November 11th 2016 was the day that my sales revenue passed goal for the calendar year (not just ‘last 365 days’). Incredible. But there’s something wrong…

There’s one and a half months left in 2016. Time to take a break?


The reason I was able to reach my revenue goal for 2016 with over a month to spare, was because that goal was far too low.

At the end of October I took a trip to Austin, TX to attend the first ever seanwes Conference. While this was the first conference I’d ever attended, it’s easy to tell that it was in a class of it’s own. I was able to meet and speak to some incredible people who have created, or are working on, very big things…

  • Nathan Barry has made a huge success of his product ConvertKit and it’s been a pleasure to follow that journey from an idea to a $5million/year company.
  • John Loudon is a true expert in his field and is overlapping like a pro!
  • Charli Prangley is shaping lives by teaching and inspiring young creatives with an impressive consistent output of excellent content online.
  • Femke van Schoonhoven is one of my regular digital design inspiration sources and an expert host of the Design Life Podcast with Charli.
  • Levi Allen does incredible storytelling with video. It was a joy to see him in action throughout the conference.
  • Cory Miller takes deliberate and meaningful action building his personal and clients’ brands. He creates incredible connections with people.

Each of these people (and so many others that I was lucky enough to interact with), are doing things much better than I am. Growing their businesses, becoming more knowledgable, being more consistent, having more commitment, working harder. It was a real wake-up call for me.

I slowly realised how little I was working on growing my business and myself. I was able to reach my 2016 goal with relatively little work and with a full-time day job. It became clear that I have something valuable and I’m taking it for granted. I’m too comfortable.

The key to thinking bigger and growing, is interacting with people who are doing things better than you are.

You have to take every opportunity that you get to spend time with people that are already where you want to be. They’re great people and you’ll learn from them.