The Numbers Behind My Latest App Launch That Made $12,295 in 48 Hours

Just 8 months ago my most profitable app launch was Soundboard Studio which generated $4,812 during the 48-hour launch, this was a huge deal for me.

I’m really happy with the launch of my latest app Green Screen Pro, I’ve more than doubled my launch numbers for Soundboard Studio and I have another great product for my customers to use.

I’ll get to the numbers quickly because I know that they have a lot of impact. All of my numbers are calculated after Apple’s 30% share is taken out, since this is the total amount that I make.

Total number of sales: 1,392
App Store Sales Royalties: $11,263.33
iTunes Affiliate Commission: $1,031.95
Total Revenue: $12,295.28

My Basic Launch Sequence

If you’re familiar with my app launch guide, you’ll know that I always follow a certain launch sequence with each of my apps. Green Screen Pro was no exception from this…

  • Part 1: Start Getting Subscribers
    All of my products have steadily growing audiences of users. I had about 104,000 subscribers when I launched Green Screen Pro.
  • Part 2: Being Specific
    Green Screen Pro is a fits a modest niche of customers who use their mobile devices to create video content. It also serves only one very specific purpose for those customers.
  • Part 3: Growing an Audience of The Right People
    This ties in with part 1. Conveniently, my existing products all fit within the mobile video content creator niche. A lot of my existing customers are the right people for Green Screen Pro.
  • Part 4: Connecting With Your Subscribers
    I sent a number of campaigns to my audience introducing the idea of Green Screen Pro and telling the story. I even segmented some of my audience members and sent them personalised, ‘non-sales-y’ campaigns with more information about the launch. I invited lots of questions so that I knew what needed to be said in the later steps of the launch campaign.
  • Part 5: Pricing Your App Above Everybody Else
    Green Screen pro is priced at $14.99 and launched with an early bird price of $11.99. How am I able to price so high?

What I Keep Doing Wrong

I always give in to the temptation to launch quickly. I like to see a return on my efforts of developing a product, and I get excited about sharing something new with my audience as quickly as possible. With Green Screen Pro, I did no more than 4 or 5 weeks of marketing at best. As a result of my rushed launch, only 1.3% of my audience converted into sales, I would like this number to be closer to 2.5% or 3%.

In an ideal world, I should be marketing a new app several months before it launches. There’s no substitute for good, consistent, well-timed marketing. If I were able to convert just 3% of my audience, this launch would have generated about $28,000 (more than 2x).

A Communication Issue

When Green Screen Pro launched, it became apparent that some of my customers had a hard time understanding fully the purpose of the app. Most notably, customers thought that they didn’t need to use a green screen for it to work. Despite my best efforts with demo videos and careful and simple explanations, this message still wasn’t clear for some customers. I happily assisted wherever I could and others contacted apple for a refund since it wasn’t useful for them. This represented maybe only 1%-2% of launch customers, but it felt like I could have avoided this issue entirely if I had better communicated the purpose during the launch.

A Nice Surprise

Within the last two weeks I’ve had two separate instances where I’ve been chatting to someone new, and then they’ve suddenly realised that they were already familiar with me because they’d noticed the Green Screen Pro launch. This was a really pleasant surprise to me, I started to realise how powerful having an engaged audience really was. One of these encounters was at a business and creators conference in Austin, TX, about 5,000 miles away from home.

Quick Take-aways for Launching Your Own App

  • Follow the launch sequence. It works.
  • Have a long and scheduled launch campaign even if you’re ready to launch today. You’ll make more money.
  • Be very clear about who your app is and isn’t designed for. You’ll avoid refunds and negative reviews.