AutoPrompter is Coming!


My new teleprompter app AutoPrompter is going to be launching very soon, and I’ve now made it available for pre-order on the App Store!

AutoPrompter will be released on Wednesday 18th July.

AutoPrompter is a truly professional Teleprompter app featuring smart voice recognition scrolling. This means that AutoPrompter will intelligently scroll your script automatically as you read it by listening to your voice, pausing when you pause, and continuing when you continue. It works like magic! ✨

It’s a free app, so pre-ordering is completely free and you won’t be charged when it’s released.

Visit the website →
Pre-order on the App Store →

Exclusive Launch Day Discount…

I believe that my existing loyal users, as well as early supporters, should always get the best treatment…

As a “thank you” for your early support, I want to give you a discount for life if you start your free trial in the first 48 hours after launch. This kind of discount will never be available again afterwards.

I’ll be discounting AutoPrompter Pro by up to 43% for the first 48 hours after AutoPrompter launches. If you start your free trial during this first 48 hours, you’ll be grandfathered in to this exclusive launch pricing forever.

  • The Yearly tier will be available for just $19.99 (normally $34.99)
  • The 3 Month tier will be available for just $8.99 (normally $11.99)

These prices will apply for anyone who begins their free trial before midnight on Thursday 19th July.

You also get an entire week to try out AutoPrompter Pro for free anyway, so if AutoPrompter isn’t totally for you, then you’re welcome to end the trial at any time and you won’t be charged. 🙂

Your early support is hugely valuable. So thank you!